The people's Token

Saanjh Tokens are not only for treading, rewards, or passive income. It will be part of everyone's life buy groceries, buy food,  send tokens to your loved ones. This all services will introduce under project saanjh.

About Project Saanjh Protocol

Project Saanjh is programmed to reward holders and built on transparency and trust.


100% Community Driven

We are 100% community-driven: Fair launch, locked LP and burned tokens. we want we grow all together like a family. We invite you all to join the Saanjh family.


RFI Static Rewards System

Users can earn Saanjh Tokens simply by holding Tokens in their wallet. 2% of all the taxes on each transaction go directly to the holders, while the 2% is auto-locked to liquidity.


Limited Supply

Saanjh Token has an initial total supply of 25 billion Tokens, 2% of Tokens will burn after launch, removing them from circulation. Saanjh continues to burn Tokens, so the number of Tokens in circulation will only continue to be reduced over time.


Saanjh App

Saanjh App provides information about local Saanjh Stores , Saanjh Cafe house , Saanjh bakery stores and Saanjh food on wheel locations make easy to find and Order online with saanjh token or other crypto currencies.


Saanjh Swap

Saanjh swap User-friendly interface for beginners and intermediate investors. Can convert any digital assets and tokens in a minute make easy to use crypto in all Saanjh stores and other provided services.



The Saanjh team has many other projects in line with Saanjh App , Saanjh Swap and Saanjh POS Software which is a very important part of Future Saanjh projects like Saanjh minimat, Cafe House, Saanjh Bakery and Saanjh Food On Wheel . Project Saanjh in 2022 make revaluation in the crypto market.

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Our Mission

World have long been waiting for a regulated nationally cryptocurrency in which they can safely invest and get up to 20 times the money within months. Saanjh aims to achieve such results.

Project Saanjh will introduce in 2022, we build mini and megastores, Saanjh Coffee House, Saanjh Bakery and Saanjh Food On Wheel . Saanjh ties up with different companies and everyone can use tokens and coins as payment with the help of Saanjh POS Software.

Token Distribution

The chart below shows the token distribution based on total supply of 25 billion Tokens . However,2% of Tokens will burned after launch, 11% for team and for future projects, 4% distribute as airdrops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions for the EcoOrganic Protocol


Saanjh is a community-driven ERC-20 token built on the Polygon Network (Matic).We build mini and megastores, Saanjh Cafe House, Saanjh Bakery and Saanjh Food On Wheel and ties up with different companies and everyone can use tokens and coins as payment and interduce revolutionary  Project Saanjh in 2022.

We’ve noticed multiple scam contracts mimicking our name and trying to coerce people to invest into a fake project. The official contract address for Saanjh is

We are still just a few weeks old since launch. We have submitted all the required information for the updates, so it’s up to Trust Wallet and Metamask to integrate these things into their application.

However, we are waiting on them to update our listing with up-to-date data. For CMC and CoinGecko, we’re waiting for their approval.

You can view live updates via PooCoin Charts. Click here a for the latest prices.

No, we are a completely separate entity with a completely separate team and mission.

Saanjh employs a limited token supply of 25 billion Tokens and saanjh token is the first token which is with technology and products market work together and makes saanjh token make different from other tokens.


Project Saanjh is ambitious in what we want to achieve. We're a big community with big goals.

Contact Us

Contacting us is very easy! We are available to be reached on all social media platforms!